From concept to completion, Landis Property provides professional, strategic and innovative services that continue to transform the Australian real estate market into real investment opportunities.


Prime Position: Our expert team combines years of experience with the best market research, to carefully measure the potential of an area and the commercial viability of the project – determining the future growth possibilities – to ensure your investment is well placed for future growth.


Quality Design: Liveability generates value, and quality design translates into better rental returns. Our property development team works with exceptional designers and architects for function and form, along with quality builders, to create stylish – yet-affordable investments.


Affordability: We believe all Australians should be able to own quality apartments. At Landis, we work within a range that is accessible and affordable, without compromising on the quality of design and build, to help make this dream a reality.


International Investors: The Australian property market has withstood many global challenges to remain strong. If you’re interested in investing in Australian property, Landis has the local expertise and professional network to help you make the most in this market.